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While setting up a medical marijuana dispensary in many parts of California may be legal to do, that’s not the case in the city of Beverly Hills. The City Council made it illegal to do so at a meeting on August 8, 2017.

Resolution No. 1813 is the latest legislation that has been drafted on the matter. It further clarifies previously drafted ordinances regarding the legality of setting up commercial cannabis operations in the city.

While the existence of any type of commercial cannabis operation is prohibited in the city, outside companies can still come into the area from neighboring cities to distribute medical marijuana to patients. The latest ordinance reflects that Beverly Hills has deviated from state law regarding the harvesting of the drug for personal use.

In the minutes taken from the closed-door hearings on the matter, the city council refers to concerns over the public’s welfare, health, and safety as reasons for not allowing pot dispensaries to be set up in the city. The minutes also show where the city’s lawmakers have attempted to more clearly define the term “commercial cannabis activity” from their perspective. They described it as being any marijuana created through cultivation, and also as marijuana used for medical or non-medical treatment, and also the transportation of marijuana. They also established that activities such as labeling, selling, delivering and using marijuana or its derivatives for laboratory testing purposes are also illegal.

If you’re unclear as to whether the operation you’re considering setting up would violate existing city ordinances, then a Beverly Hills land use and zoning restrictions attorney can provide guidance in your case.

Source: City of Beverly Hills, “Marijuana regulations and information,” accessed Feb. 02, 2018

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